Santa Fe. 1951

May 24, 2016


You know I loves me some Randolph Scott Westerns.  This one is a railroad drama with post-Civil War North/South conflicts.


The shifting loyalties of Scott’s brothers is interesting, then impenetrable, and ultimately whimsical.  Boo for that.  Yay for Randolph Scott.


I’m not a big fan of the comic John Wayne films.  Guess what I think of this one?


This Randolph Scott film from 1953 shares a lot with Chinatown, 1974.  Locations: San Pedro, Los Angeles, Santa Monica.  Stakes: water rights.

But does Chinatown have a ‘bitch fight’ like this?!



An Easy-Going Gent with Deadly Guns…and a Reputation to Match!


Definitely in my top 20!

The Gunfighter. 1950

May 9, 2016


Rage at Dawn. 1955

April 25, 2016

rage-at-dawn-poster (1)

Is Edgar Buchanan in every Western, or just the best thing in it?

Neat story with my Forrest Tucker as a bad guy.  Randolph Scott shows up way late in this, like near the 30 minute mark.

Silver City. 1951.

April 21, 2016

Silver City

It’s ALL Edgar Buchanan ALL the time over here at Charles Starrett blog!

Abilene Town. 1946

April 18, 2016

Abilene town

Randolph Scott ruling, of course.  Ann Dvorak nifty, of course.

But Edgar Buchanan is perhaps more perfect than usual, if that’s possible.

Great bit with Scott’s horse silently following him as he tours the town in the moments before the final shoot out.

Another fairly sleepy movie with a great ending.  Saloons on one side of Texas Road, and Commerce on the other.  Violent end to stalemate, engineered by Scott.  Somehow Pro-Union with the Lloyd Bridges as the organizer of the homesteaders.  Troubling portrayal of money-obsessed shop-owner.


Brass Legend. 1956

April 17, 2016

Brass legend

Shades of Durango.

Great performance by Rebecca Welles

Fantastic final 10 minutes, especially jousting final shoot out!

The Last Outpost

February 15, 2016

Last outpost

Just in time for President’s Day.  Gah!


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