“Two Gun Law”

May 24, 2008

Attention, class! Today we have the honor of a guest reviewer. It’s our friend Les Adams from Abilene Texas.

Yesterday’s Saturdays” was a 50-60 page magazine in which Les Adams printed a full-page (8.5×11) on various B-westerns and serials. He would usually do six to eight pages of Republic, Monogram, Columbia, Universal, etc in each issue (in release order beginning in 1935) and then several pages on the independent/poverty row westerns. There were 18 issues. “Yesterday’s Saturdays” went to 47 states and over 20 foreign countries.

This is a reprint from Issue #4, and is a review of 1937’s “Two Gun Law”.

Les would like it known that this was written in the 70’s, and does not have as complete of information as it would if he wrote it today. I think it’s pretty darn good.