Telly Savalas.  Spaghetti Western.  Not-a so good.


Sister Sara

I couldn’t figure this film out until I read up on the casting.   It was intended to be a vehicle for a female star.  Barbara Streisand was set to play Sister Sara until the last minute.  The second lead was rewritten at the last minute to make him a (watered down) Clint Eastwood character.

Bob Steele The Comancheros

Saddle The Wind, 1958

March 14, 2017


“Desirable” – Revisited

December 18, 2016

While watching this tonight, I realized that I had watched it once before, in July of 2008.  I couldn’t remember a jot of it, and I was surprised — until I remember that, last time, I had a 3-month-old girl on my lap taking a rare nap.

It’s a pretty good love story.  Odd take on some conventional beats. Charles plays the rival suitor.   He has 5th billing, and is in a handful of scenes.  Here are nearly all of them.


Director is Archie Mayo, who Starrett never worked with again, but at least one Other Cowboy star did.  That was Dick Foran, playing with Humphrey Bogart in both 1939’s Black Legion and 1936’s Petrified Forest.

The Hunting Party, 1971

July 23, 2016

I saw a trailer for this as kid and it scared me and pissed me off.

I was right.  It suck!

The Gunfighter. 1950

May 9, 2016


Rage at Dawn. 1955

April 25, 2016

rage-at-dawn-poster (1)

Is Edgar Buchanan in every Western, or just the best thing in it?

Neat story with my Forrest Tucker as a bad guy.  Randolph Scott shows up way late in this, like near the 30 minute mark.

The Last Outpost

February 15, 2016

Last outpost

Just in time for President’s Day.  Gah!