“This Man Is Mine”

August 16, 2008

This 1934 RKO picture was based on a play, and it shows.  There are long scenes in static locations and a painting plays a central part.

Toby Dunlap (Irene Dunne) is married to Jim (Ralph Bellamy).  Jim’s old flame Fran (Constance Cummings) comes to visit and causes all kinds of trouble.

Charles plays Jud McCrae, Fran’s brother and husband to Toby’s best girlfriend.

They’re all rich.

We meet Jud having just finished changing a tire in a tuxedo.  (Nice intro for Charley, I think.)  He’s the good sport, picking people up at the train station, carrying luggage, volunteering to drive when they go out, staying later at a party then he wants, etc.

Jud wears tan slacks and coat at a country club.  Later, he says “Behave, will you?” and smokes a pipe.

They play bridge and his partner loses track of the game.  He says, irritably, “We could check the score, that’s one of the reasons for keeping it.”

He also gets very angry in a very gentile manner.  Sort of a thankless role for Charley, but he does get to say, “Get out!” a lot.