What Charley Sounds Like

April 23, 2008

Courtesy of Les Adams

As I mentioned before, I discovered Charles Starrett in 2002 ago while preserving production stills from his many films.

So for over five years, though I had seen literally thousands of still images of Charley, had read everything I could find on him, and, frankly, knew more about him than maybe a dozen people in the entire world…

…I had never seen him move. Or walk. Or open a door. Or put down a fork.

Or talk.

And Charley talks a lot like Edgar G. Robinson. And I don’t mean like Bugs Bunny doing Edgar G., or some comic doing a big overblown Edgar G. “Ya see” and all that crap.

No, Charley’s got this “movie voice”, real old-school, real hammy. It sorta sounds like it comes from vaudeville or early radio (none of which Charley ever did).

Another mystery…