“One in a Million”

June 19, 2008

Another snoozer of a love story from early in Charley’s career.

A gal keeps a “dangerous appointment” (alternate title) with her creep of a boss and the guy ends up falling out a window. Gal goes on the lam with her seamstress friend in a fancy hotel in Del Monte, California. Donald Cabot (Charles) meets her and falls in love, but it’s a doomed love, because she’s destined for the big house.

Charles plays Donald as boyish, playful, what I believe was called “a cad”. He gets rid of an old girlfriend with a bad check, gets dumped by his fiance and immediately is on the phone to another girl. He’s very light and verbal. His voice seems pitched an entire octave higher throughout the film. He wears light-colored clothing and plays piano and shadowboxes with his pals.

The real fun of this is the teaming of Starrett/Williams, as in Guinn ‘Big Boy” Williams . These two are great together 11 years later in “Cowboy Canteen” (see previous blog entry). Big Boy’s unnerving resemblance to George W. Bush is the only hurdle.

Too bad Guinn couldn’t have played the Smiley parts in the Durango Kid films. Imagine that for a moment. Ahhhh…. it’s like a beautiful dream!