Ray Nazarro – Deep Trivia

January 9, 2017

ALERT:  Only for the deepest fans of the Durango Kid films!  Do not read if you are not hungry for every tidbit of knowledge regarding this series and its makers!


Ray Nazarro, pictured above during the writing of Desert Horseman, directed many a Western and many many of Charles Starrett’s Westerns.

He also started his career as a law clerk on the team providing defense for William Hickman in the Marion Parker kidnap and murder case of December of 1927.  He quit shortly after Hickman’s convicion.


2 Responses to “Ray Nazarro – Deep Trivia”

  1. harry brolly said

    Ray was influential in some of the better Durango films. Always a thrill to read info regarding durango. Pity Sony will not release more of the missing titles.

  2. Stephen O'Neil said

    Always felt Ray directed Durango films were the best …Fred Sears a close second

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