The “Screen Snapshots” series was a 10 minute newsreel type deal, using “home movies” of the stars.  The footage was generally grouped around a common theme; horse-lovers, night on the town, and here, fathers and sons.

These literally are screen snapshots, 20 seconds or so.

Charley’s clip is from 1946 and shows him playing football with his twin sons, who look to be in their mid-teens.  They are in a public park, and two black dogs run around.  Charley is wearing a sweater vest and slacks.   He takes a hike, tosses the ball to one son, then instructs the other in how to cradle the ball so it won’t get knocked out of his hands.  He’s using a lot of pretty decent pantomime.  He seems to favor the fairer haired son, though it’s a pretty short clip.  The twins look to be fraternal, not identical.

Voice-over: “These Hollywood playboys are Charles Starrett, the cowboy star, and his twin sons.  Before he started carrying movie heroines to safety, Starrett carried footballs to touchdowns for Dartmouth.  It looks like he may have a pair of worthy successors.”

The clip ends with the all three smiling at the camera, arms around each others’ shoulders.

I don’t know much about these two, except that they both served in the Air Force.  Whether the announcer was correct and either was headed for gridiron fame, I haven’t any way of knowing.  If anyone does, please use the comments section here to share your knowledge with us.  Thanks.

By the by, this formal title here is “Screen Snapshots: Famous Fathers and Sons” Series 25, Episode 10.