None of his 67 films give us any clues to the origin of the Durango Kid.  For that we have to turn to the comic books.  And they provide a pretty lame answer.

In “Charles Starrett as The Durango Kid”, no 17, June-July 1952, we learn that Steve Brand‘s brother Pete was killed by a spy during the Civil War.  Steve swears over his brother’s corpse that he will find and kill this man.

We catch up with him 3 years into the hunt.

By the end of the comic, Steve has brought the owlhootin’ murderer to justice.  Is that it for thuh Durango Kid?

I told you it was lame.  As origin stories go, it’s probably not the worst, but definitely one of the laziest!  The sheer randomness of the name coming from a signpost!  Yuck!

I do like “Muley” though.  Somebody else hated Smiley as much as I do.