To George from Charles

December 13, 2009

We have ourselves a mystery!

Duane writes with a puzzler.  His sister was given this belt buckle many years ago.

As you can see, the inscription reads “Thanks George” and “Charles Starrett.”

His question is: Who’s George?

The story of the buckle starts with Albert Peterson, a professional clarinetist who played on many film scores.  He and his wife, Bea, were very social in the Hollywood set.  Bea even babysat for Bing Crosby’s kids.

Somehow, Albert acquired the belt buckle and, many years later, he retired and taught clarinet to high school musicians.  He gave the belt buckle to a prize student, Duane’s sister.  Albert has since passed away.

My one thought is that it might be George Chesebro, the solid character actor who appeared in 54 films with Charles Starrett.

Could this be "George"?Could this be “George”?

I promised Duane I’d ask my learned readers for their thoughts.  Anyone have any good ideas?