I discovered Charles Starrett by accident while I was preserving some old still photographs.  I had never heard of him and I had never seen any of his films.

This is my journal as I attempt to watch them all.

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63 Responses to “About Me”

  1. john davison said

    very interested,have just had a family reunion in derry ,northern ireland where family history disscused,and charles starret is related to my wife via marrige of rebbeca charlotte(charles sister)of spencer road.londonderry to patrick mc laughlin,we have had a new headstone placed on their grave as the old one was in very bad condition.At the family service at creggan cemetary and later at the city hotel in derry 130 adults and 28 children attended the family “get together”

  2. Is there a remote [or strong] possibility that Chas.Starrett might hold the record for being a marquee performer for the most films in Hollywood history? In other words Starrett starred [also a play on words] in more feature films than anybody!

    If this be true let’s make it known and added to his legacy. –169 is an imposing figure and he probably was not leading man in only a handful of those!

  3. Bruce Hickey said

    Did you get my account of a day I spent with Charles at his home at Laguna Beach in 1984?.I posted it on your site about two months ago.
    I corresponded with him form 1969-1980.Finally met him at the 1980 Memphis Film Festival.
    Spent a whole day with him & Mary in July 1984 along with Colin Momber of England,publisher of the 30 year old magazine Wranglers Roost And Western historian,Ab Breeden of Los Angeles.
    A day to remember for all time.

  4. Bruce Hickey said

    A blog run by someone who clearly has no understanding of the b western & what it meant to the kids of the Saturday Matinees.
    B Western fans who I correspond with in the US,England & Australia are both appalled by the foul language & the sarcastic comments by this blog operator.
    Charles,who i had the pleasure of corresponding with for 16 years & who I visited with would be disgusted by this blog.
    A big fat zero is the rating.Even the illustrations are crap.

  5. Mike Newton said

    Hi Steve: I’ve enjoyed reading your website and looking at your great pictures. I had the pleasure of knowing Barry Shipman who wrote many of the Durango Kid scripts. He gave me a lot of insights as to why and how they wrote the scripts. I have a collection of Starrett photos that I would be willing to sell if you need any photos. I also have some of the Durango movies. If you are interested, contact me at frontrowkid2002@yahoo.com. Mike Newton.

  6. Mike Newton said

    I’m impressed by the photos you have collected, particularly those taken at his home. James Horowitz, a free lance writer for Rolling Stone Magazine, interviewed Starrett at his Laguna Beach home in the early Seventies for his book, “They Went Thataway.” This was probably the only interview Starrett had done in years, not counting those movie magazine “puffs” that you might have come across.Even with his failing eyesight, he signed Bill Black’s photo book on Durango for me. His wife Mary enclosed a printed notice telling me that “Charles” did sign the book despite his vision. When he appeared at Raleigh in 1984, they had a special stamp of his signature so that he could stamp his autograph. Otherwise he would have tried to sign. He really appreciated the support of his fans.

  7. Colleen said

    Good to see people remember Charles Starrett..

  8. Stephanie said

    My Grandfather’s cousin is Virginia Hunter. She is now in poor health living in a private assisted living facility. I am interested in her history after seeing the many amazing pictures she has accumulated over the years. It is so interesting to see that people are still interested in the work she was involved in.

    • Zack said

      Is your grandfather related to Charles as the Virginia you are referring to, I believe, is my grandfather’s sister.

  9. harry brolly said

    Its great to see that quite a number of people are interested in B – westerns and especially Charles starrett. I am a fan and collector of Durango Kid movies. I have about 18 still to trace and would be particularly interested if anyone has Durango DVD’s for sale. It maybe that some of the ones I am looking for may not yet be released but I know that Frontier Gunlaw and Rustler of the Badlands are out there.

  10. John Brooker said

    During my tour of the States from the UK in 1970 I visited Charles Starrett and Mary at their Laguna home. I was staying with family of Columbia B western star Bob Allen in Los Angeles and I arranged the visit by phone. I travelled own by bus and Charles was most concerned because the bus was delayed. By the time I got to Laguna he had been on the phone to LA, saying how worried he was. When I arrived he was waiting for me with a big smile – he was more like my favourite uncle than a childhood movie idol. We talked a lot about all kinds of things, walked his dogs over the heath and for lunch he made what he called Cheese Dreams – better known to me as just plain cheese on toast!!
    After my visit we stayed in contact and when our 4 children were born they received signed pictures from Durango. We still have them. The last time I called he had just got back from the hospital and although he said he was OK Mary had told me the news wasn’t good. I will be writing a full length report of my visit in Western Clippings soon. I would very much like copies of FRONTIER OUTPOST and any of the other ‘missing’ Durangos.

  11. Tim Jolley said

    Hey, found your website tonight… great info… I am working on research about the previous some of the old movie back lot Western Streets, which I recognized several of the photo’s you have as these backlots, how were you able to get Sony to let you into their archieves? Well I am going to try to find these movies to watch for research material, do you know of a good place for me to get them? I am intersted in talking to you if you have a minute…

  12. Dr. Phil Spears said

    The Durango Kid was a motivator for me. Charles Starrett, Steve, was always a good guy, trying to right the wrongs of the West, never giving up. I was born in 1938 in Muncie, IN, Dad joined the Marines in 1942, Mom & I moved to San Diego ,Linda Vista, to be close.
    When Dad had a leave, they would take me to the base movie theater or one close, buy me popcorn and say “stay put till we come back”. That was my introduction to Durango and I never stopped. In the later 40’s, after the war we lived in Amarillo, TX (’46-48} I would shine shoes on the street corner, then go to the Star theater, pay 9 cents to see the Kid. In 1949 we moved back to Muncie and I’d save my lunch money, buy newspapers for .03 and sell for a nickle. My profits would pay for a whole Saturday of Cowboy shows. The Wysor Grand (old Opera Theater) charged .25 for a double feature. Then I would go to the Liberty Theater for 14 cents and see two more. I could go on and on. I ‘ve had a Great Life. Long Live the “Durango Kid” and his memory. Dr. Phil

  13. mike newton said

    Dear steve something: I received your “warning” about my comments and oh my gosh, I was so scared. How can you say you appreciate the work of somebody when you make implications that he could be “gay” or that there were inneundoes in the script that had mixed messages, such as a guy putting his hand on another guy. You were the one who sought the advice of your friend Todd who as you put it put on his “gay dar.” And what kind of a name is Peter Potter. Is that your real name or one of your secret identities? Never mind, I won’t be coming to your website so don’t get your panties in a twist.

  14. stevesomething said

    Happy trails, Mike.

  15. Dew said

    I have a a belt buckle that say’s to George from Charles Starrett on the back. I’d love to know who George was. email me if you’d like to see a picture of it.

    • Dew it could have been either George Montgomery or George Cheseboro. Montgomery was the set decorator on several of Charles’ films, and Cheseboro played a henchman in many and sometimes a sheriff and had larger roles as well. They did over 50 films together.

  16. John Fredette said

    I grew up in Athol in the 1940s and 1950s and remember seeing Charles Starrett as The Durago Kid at a July 4th celebration at the Athol Fair Grounds proably around 1950. His family ran Starrett’s Tools, which is still internationally known and the major employer in Athol. Thanks for peserving the memories.

  17. Eddie Patterson said

    I am a 43 year old stagehand who lives in Mt. Holly,NC and I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU for keeping the memory of my movie hero THE DURANGO KID alive. He was one of the all time greats!! Thanks,Eddie Patterson.

  18. Ann said

    Is the Chisholm Trail map available to copy for a campout we are hosting along the Chisholm Trail?
    Thanks, Ann Flanagan

  19. BOB said

    I just discovered this wonderful site
    while searching for information on Mr Starrett. I’m putting together a list of
    where western film cowboys lived at during their life, mainly in Hollywood,
    (addresses, street names, ect.), but have been unable to find where Mr Starrett lived, besides cities like Borrengo Springs and Laguna Beach. Can
    anyone help me out with Starrett addresses?
    Thank you

    • stevesomething said

      Hi Bob,

      Your list sounds interesting. My research has revealed two addresses for Starrett. The first is 2555 Aberdeen in Los Angeles (this was when he was new to Hollywood, right after The Viking.) The second is 9621 Charleville, Beverly Hills (when he was an established star at Columbia.) You have Laguna and Borrengo already.

      I hope this helps. I’d be interested in seeing your list when it is complete.

      • Sandy said

        Did he have a place in Palm Desert, CA? We heard that a DON DURANGO, built a home there? Wondering if it’s the same person

  20. Timothy England said

    I am a “Durango Kid” fan and have a curious question, when will we as fans see a box set DVD of this Masked Avenger, the original lone ranger? Sorry if this has been asked before. I am a new replier.

    Long Live Westerns,

    Timothy England

  21. bobby said

    Howdy, I may do a Starrett book and would like permission to use some things from your site.
    I’ve written 19 books about the old cowboy stars.

  22. STEPHEN ONEIL said


  23. vp19 said

    An impressive blog, very thorough! I just did an entry on Starrett at my blog, which is dedicated to Carole Lombard (she appeared with Starrett in 1930’s “Fast And Loose”):


    Continued success.

  24. Liz said

    Hi. My husband and I rented the home at 5620 Ranchito Ave. in Van Nuys (also called Valley Glen) for a year (a few years ago). The owner told us that it was initially owned by Clayton Moore. I noticed on your site that John Hart lived at 5650 Ranchito – so apparently one of the Lone Rangers did in fact live on Ranchito Ave., but not Clayton and not at 5620 Ranchito, as we were told. I noticed that you list Clayon’s last home – in Calabasas. Is there any way to find out if Clayton did indeed at one time own the home we rented? It seems possible that he and Hart were neighbors – maybe that’s how Hart got the job as Moore’s replacement as The Lone Ranger? 🙂

  25. John Robert said

    I saw an early GUNSMOKE episode that in the credits at last lists— “A Cowboy”:–Charles Starrett…well, I have looked at this 3 times and I am wondering if they just put this in as a salute to :The Durango Kid” who died in 1986 –he was not seen in that episode in any scene.

  26. Anonymous said

    I still watch some of my Durango Kid movies for a pick me up.
    Dr. Phil Spears

  27. John Robert said

    “Steve” as he was billed many times in those westerns..appeared at a fan festival. He was getting old, but yet a great guy to meet and interview. His Durango Kid films were fast moving and simply fun stuff. That’s why we spent our 25-cents to see and experience the entertainment.

  28. nichole said

    can anyone tell me what happened to blancho billy andersons wife and daughter after he died? I can find nothing on them..

  29. John R. said

    Charles Starrett was a favorite of many kids in the 1940;s at the theaters that had westerns each weekend. Me for one. Billy Anderson was a few years before my time, so I know nothing much about him or his family. I am now collecting GUNSMOKE the TV show..Anyone else.out there.?

    • JOHN R. said

      I have ALL of the GUNSMOKE TV series shows except one or two from TV. The last ones were indeed proving they were running out of story Ideas and main original chracters were gone did not help.

  30. Blaine said

    Wow I was very impressed with the work you’ve put into this project. I came across your page when I was looking for a Tim Holt fan club. The reason is because I have the original art cover for the Tim Holt #41 comic book from 1954 done by artist Frank Borth. The only western original art I collect is from the Kid Colt Comic and so am looking for a good home for this great cover. If you can think of someone that might want it then let me know. Thanks for your time and congrats on this great work once again.

  31. Sharmagne said

    I am fairly certain William Boyd lived on Cynthia street just north of Vista Grande. My grandfather used to take me to visit him. We lived on Vista Grande and we’d walk around the block at Doheny. My Auntie Eileen confirmed this to me 2 years ago. She was 12 years old at the time she came to live with us. My grandfather Oscar Gahan worked with “Hoppy” on “3 on the Trail” in 1936 and remained friends after the shoot. My grandfather made over 165 westerns between 1935-1942.

    • john b said

      Hello Sharmagne I would like to know more details about Oscar Gahan’s life. I have seen him as a henchman and in other small roles in many B westerns over the years although he rarely gets a credit.

      • sharmagne said

        Hello, Have you checked Oscar out on Wikipedia?

        There is quite a bit about him there . He was first cousin to Walter Huston. He was Canada’s child prodigy violinist. He was arguably the busiest bit player in Hollywood between 1935 and 1941.

        Whenever he did a movie he frequently formed an impromptu band. Arizona Wranglers, the bunk house quartet (?) etc. He made over 165 Westerns.

        A couple of years ago I was signing and reading from my novella at an autograph convention in Olive Grove Mississippi and brought some photos of him as well as copies of Lobby cards from his films. They sold like hot cakes! I had no idea he was well known by the western fans! He died in 1958.

        He wrote some incredibly well known songs, but sold them outright for $25.00 each to buy milk for his children during the depression. He sold them to Roy and Gene and Bob Nolan and others. His close friend was Denver Dixon. Denver’s wife dolores is one of our godmother’s. Douglas wheatcroft ( child actor Doug Croft Robin Grayson on the original Batman serials was my godfather)

        The 4th chapter of my novella is about him meeting and courting my Native American (Indian) grandmother. There is a flashback in chapter 6 about him too. He and Lake Reynolds sons snake oil traveling cross country from Niagara where they had been performing in Vaudeville to come out to Hollywood at Walter’s suggestion for something called ” talking pictures) grandpa never thought they’d catch on!

        Time for bed. Please excuse typos. I’m on my cell phone.

        Was Charles related to Jack Starrett?

        Sent from my cute little pink & black iPhone


      • sharmagne said

        Sorry for the typo. It should say:

        they sold snake oil.

        Sent from my cute little pink & black iPhone


    • john b said

      Sharmagne I write a column for a B western film magazine and would be interested in doing a picture-story on Oscar.
      If you would like to help me put it together please email me on gcw23@btinternet.com According to various sources Oscar had three wives:
      Julia Magdalene Newell in 1911 in Toronto
      Josephine Whiteley 1919 in New Westminster BC
      Josephine Morong Runnels (two children) no other details

      Is this correct? If so which one is the Native American grandmother you are going to write about. If not what are the true facts?

      Jack Starrett was no relation to Charles.


  32. JOHN R. said

    Starrett would disguise himself with a black outfit and was called “The Durango Kid: as he rode out of a hidden cave on his white horse..he was a great favorite of mine and SAW MANY OF HIS FILMS. HOPPY was also a great favorite..Wm. Boyd also did a radio seroies and a TV series, I have many episodes in my collection. He was the first to nbuy up all rightds of his movies, then sold them to run on early TV that needed program fill..Roy Rogers then went to court sued and won his rights to all of his films.Much interesting your remembering those thing you sen. Thanks .

  33. JOHN R. said

    Thanks for the reply..Do you rwant to sell the comic cover..? (JC)

  34. Anonymous said

    Unfortunately I sold the cover to another person before xmas. Thank you for asking though. Keep up the great work in promoting a great star. If I ever find other pieces I will contact you.
    Best, Blaine

  35. JOHN R. said

    Starrett passed away sometime ago. I would have enjoyed meeting him and talking to him abiout his films, the Durango Kid,etc…

  36. JOHN R. said


  37. JOHN R. said

    And as all know..I have as others, the full run of Hoppalong Cassidy radio shows..and his TV series.

  38. sharmagne said

    Hello, I’d love to help you with your story. Right now I’m am enroute to Hollywood from Arlington, WA.

    2nd wife was Josephine Morong Runnels (Whitley) she was the granddaughter of Chief Que Que Tas chief of the Nespelems. There is a famous photo of him taken by Edward Curtis. It is Googleable. Whitely was the name of her first husband. She had a child with him and 2 daughters with Harvey (Oscar) my mother Roseanne
    And Pearl Marie Alberta.

    His third wife was Marguerite Depue. She was a private nurse whom he met when she was taking care of Roy and Dale’s little girl who had muscular dystrophy or something like that. She also worked for Spencer Tracy whose little boy was deaf. They married around 1953.

    I only recently learned of the first marriage to the girl from Ohio.

    I have his obit from the newspaper.

  39. JOHN R. said

    Very Interesting stuff….!!! THANKS….

  40. Lynde said

    Hi there, I came across your blog when doing a search for 512 N rossmore ave in Los Angeles. According to your journal, it was the former home of Roy Roberts. I’m interested in knowing when Mr. Roberts lived in that home and what it looked like while he lived there. Would you happen to have any info? For background, there was a group of psychoanalysts that had a co-op preschool at 512 N rossmore from 1939-1945 and I am researching what that home looked like from the outside. Any clues or leads would be appreciated. Many thanks, Lynde

  41. tim2kirk said

    I’m sorry, Lynde. I don’t have any further knowledge on that space. But, I am intrigued by your research. Do you have a website or another venue where I can view your results? Good luck!!!

    • Lynde said

      Thank you for your reply. The co-cop on at 512 N Rossmore moved to Alfred Street (now West Hollywood). My question is part of an archive project for The Center for Early Education. The co-op at 512 was known as The School for Nursery Years. You can find some information and pictures at cee75.org. Thanks again.

  42. JOHN R. said


  43. Richard Bowden said

    I sure wish that your email was posted because I would like to interview you. Please write to me if you’d be willing to talk about The Durango Kid and tell younger folks about this character and the films. I think it would be outstanding! Write to AmericanCowboyMovieClub@gmail.com and thanks for considering the offer.

    • sharmagne said

      This is what you sent yo me…

      Sent from my cute little Pink and black iPhone


      • Rick Bowden said

        Okay, great. Now I know. Too bad that you had to act so offensively. We could have been good friends.

        Next time, perhaps you’ll include something other than a discordant phone number, and, if you don’t, next time, when a guy justly thinks that you’re a spammer, because he was forced to look you up, on the web, like a detective, and find out who you are, and learns that you have a consignment store, you will understand why he figured you to be a spammer and so you won’t go all female on him. You will, instead, apologize for acting like a spammer, for not caring enough to have sent him a proper message, and then, perhaps, you’ll make a new friend.

        I have lots of women in my life, and I love them, but I will never, never, ever come to peace with your quick and unreasonable displays of attacking emotionalism. Good bye.

        This is my last email to you. You’re probably vindictive, too, so I expect I’ll be hearing from you again. I will ignore those emails, however. On May 23, 2016 4:48 PM, “Charles Starrett – One Fans Journey” wrote:

        > sharmagne commented: “This is what you sent yo me… Sent from my cute > little Pink and black iPhone >” >

  44. John Cooper said

    I am not sure I can add anything you don’t already know…I was a movie fan of Charles Starrett as he indeed was the Durango Kid in the B westerns at my local theater. I went to see him in his latest film release on a Friday after school. With another B movie from the major studios I also got the latest episode of a chapter. That was about 2 and 1/2 movie entertainment in those days for only 17 cents a ticket..in the late 1940’s .

  45. Anonymous said

    you forgot to post this nasty email you sent to me:

    ” I guess that YELP writer was speaking the truth when they wrote that you can be quite moody and nasty.

    Listen, I wasn’t making any, so-called allegations. I was simply being straight forward with you.

    No, my email to you did NOT get republished. You might want to perform simple, due diligence on that next time, I suggest, before you go off on somebody because of your error. And, I can assure you, any emails that I would have written to you would have been complete thoughts, actual, whole sentences, so that you would know what I was taking about.

    So, I guess that my “rude allegation,” that you wrote me an incomplete, half-baked, confusing, email is not a false allegation but a real one! Just go back and look at it why don’t you?

    If I had written you an email, which is entirely possible, why wouldn’t you write back a response that rates as a actual response, or, at least, include my original email to you, so that I would be able to understand what the heck its all about? Are you too busy to take five seconds to do a proper job? Are you just lazy? Is that how you operate in your business with customers? I guess it must be, which explains a few things to me now.

    What, do you think that you’re the only person on the planet that I email? As if I am going to know who you are and remember the subject?

    I don’t remember ever hearing of, or writing to, a Little Eagle or a Sharlamage, in my whole life. I never heard of you. But I get your phone number sent to me, and that’s it. Just a phone number, nothing else. No email string, no full sentences expressing ideas, just an email address accompanied by some c tag line that it was written with a cute cell phone. Swell! And you wonder why I suspect you a spammer and get angry about getting your crappy email? You just write your phone number, in reply to people’s emails to you, and expect that to be adequate, expect them to understand, expect them to not say anything critical about all of course that maddening behavior? Okay, okay. Right

    Come on, lady, my beef with you was legit. You just don’t like being told the truth. You just won’t admit it and apologize.

    Given your nasty and nutty behavior, I wouldn’t write you back or do business with you, no matter how mutually beneficial it might be too us both, if you were the last business partner on both the planet. You’ve got “toxic” written all over you.

    And I don’t recall who Oscar Whatever is, whomever he is, and I don’t care and I’m not impressed. Besides, what’s that got to do with our discussion anyway? Am I supposed to bow down to you or something, after you clowned me and then were nasty to me, just because you’re grandfather was this Oscar guy? You’re not smoking anything funny are you?

    What do I care about who your dang grandfather was, anyway? Do you give a rat’s butt that my great grand mother was fameous? Should you care that my great grandmother was fabulous? No, you shouldn’t care. It has no bearing on the topic, nor does your lineage have bearing to our topic. Nut.

    Goodbye, and happy trails to you! Maybe this honest email will change you for the better, but I’ll never know, and I certainly won’t bet upon it.”

  46. Anonymous said

    Every email you have sent to me since I replied to you has been a ridiculous rant!

  47. Hunter Vaught said

    I have an 8×10 photo of the Durango Kid (obviously from one of his movies), with gun drawn, shielding a young boy of about10-12 years old. I have no idea who the boy is. I could email the photo to anyone who thinks they can identify him. Thanks

  48. Zack said

    I am tracing my family tree and think I am related to Charles Starrett. My grandfather was Richard H Starrett. If you could help out at all let me know. Thanks in advance.

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