Just my luck. Though “Streets of Ghost Town” (1950) and “Cyclone Fury” (1951) are separated by 10 other DK films, I happen to see them back to back. As if I hadn’t gotten enough of Smiley in a Haunted House in “Cyclone Fury”, here I get Smiley in a Haunted Town. A “Ghost Town” to be exact.

I’ve been at this little project too long. It feels like I’m seeing the same footage over and over again.

Wait a minute! I AM seeing the same footage over and over again.

Just like in “Bonanza Town”, this film uses alot of footage from a previous film. But, this time, it’s TWO films.

Steve Woods and Smiley are looking for Ol’ Bill Donner’s hidden treasure in a Shadesville, a ghost town. At night, after some insipid humor involving Smiley and a Oujia Board, Steve tells their friend the Sheriff the story of “Land Rush” (1946). It takes about 20 minutes.

The next day, they head to town for supplies and meet Bill Donner’s daughter. Steve tells her the story of “Gunning for Vengeance” (also 1946). This, too, takes about 20 minutes.

Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

With the remaining 15 minutes of the movie, we get some “original” footage. It’s amazing how much is recycled at this point. I’m watching some bad guys shoot at a Durango Kid stunt-run across a rooftop that I’ve seen in at least two other films so far.

Charley is mostly a voice-over artist in this one. They weren’t able to fit Durango into the flashback stories very well, so in the last 15 Steve just disappears and Durango takes over. Which is fine, except Charley doesn’t play The Kid much at this point in his career.

Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

That’s not a real cave. Then again, that’s not a real Durango.

Good to see Little Brown Jug in this. Wow!, that kid is one hell of a rider.

Ozie Waters and His Colorado Rangers do one song, and it’s from “Land Rush.”