Many years before Johnny Mack Brown went on a near-fatal hunting trip with Charles Starrett in 1944, but only a year after the friends met on “Three On A Honeymoon”, JMB was the star of this Mascot Pictures production.


This 1933 serial is told in twelve parts.


So that happened.



When once and future cowboy star Dick Foran tapped out of the Mummy series, another cowboy actor jumped in.  Dennis Moore was the star of numerous westerns including Land Of Hunted Men and Raiders Of Ghost City.

z dennis moore

And, of course, Lon Chaney Jr was already there.

z mummys-curse-throttle

Keeping score?

Mummy’s Hand – Dick Foran for the Win!

Mummy’s Tomb – LC JR is victorious!

Mummy’s Curse – Dennis Moore, onlooker.

Okay, let’s get the bad news out of the way: Forrest Tucker’s last film was a TV movie of the Science Fiction persuasion.



But, c’mon!  It’s one scene.  5 minutes tops!  And he plays a Western character — he’s a collector and historian of the Old West.

I’ve had it with you scy-fy  people who want Forrest!  You can have William Shatner (“White Comanche”) and Patrick Bergin (“King of Texas”.)  Harrison Ford (“A Time For Killing”) is all yours!  Keep ’em.

But hands off Forrest Tucker.  He’s ours.



The first twelve minutes of the one-hour running time of “The Mummy’s Tomb”, Stephen Banning (our friend Dick) sits in a comfortable chair and tells us the whole story of “The Mummy’s Hand.”


But once and future cowboy star, Lon Chaney, Jr., is the star of this film.   When they meet, it’s like De Niro and Pacino in “Heat” –Dick and Lon together at last!


The victor.


The end.



This is Lon Chaney Jr on TV in 1967.


ImageSo the great Rod Serling agrees with me.  The creator of two of the classiest science fiction/fantasy/horror TV shows of all time cast Forrest Tucker in a “Night Gallery” episode playing a Western role!

Suck it, Scy-Fi nerds!  Forrest belongs to us Western nerds!

ImageCase closed.

Welcome to another chapter of “Sure, Forrest Tucker Was In Some Science Fiction Films But I Still Consider Him To Be Primarily A Western Star.”


I assume the creators of this show built it around the kid-friendly comic reputation of Tucker and co-star Larry Storch from “F Troop,” not Tucker’s appearances in “The Crawling Eye,” “The Cosmic Monsters“, “The Abominable Snowman“, or a spooky episode of “Night Gallery.

I don’t want to shit on anyone’s childhood memories just to satisfy my Completist BS, but even by the standards of 80’s children’s TV shows…

Look, I really don’t want to be a jerk so I am going to stop now.

P.S.  Westerns win!  Again!

Dick Foran as a DICK?!


A haughty, evil commie dick?


This guy?!



YEP!  (Stills from “The Fearmakers”, 1958.)  (Final still from “Black Legion”, 1937).