The Naked Spur. 1953.

June 17, 2016

James Stewart starring.  Anthony Mann directing. With my favorite bad guy!

Thanks, Harry.

The Lone Gun. 1954.

June 5, 2016

The Lone Gun

First off – anyone know where this was shot?  The sloping hills behind the town are new to me.  Definitely not Lone Pine, Paramount Ranch… maybe Corriganville?  I’ve been there, and this doesn’t look like it…

A little help?

This is my first George Montgomery western.  Pretty good.  His tough delivery reminds me of Clayton Moore, Lee Majors, at his best even the tough as leather William Holden.

Directed by Ray Nazarro of Charles Starrett fame.  This may be the best thing he’s done.  A complete movie, with motivated characters and complete arcs.  Go Ray!

**Really nice variation on the Mexican Standoff at the end**