As this probably makes clear, I’m not taking these on in chronological order. Or any order at all, other than the one the universe imposes by the order in which these films become available.

“Return of The Durango Kid” 1945.

Five years and 25 some films later, The Kid returns. I believe that Charley exclusively played the Kid after this film. I’ll let you know what I find out.

Another quick review, since I saw this over a week ago.

Film starts with no mention of previous “Durango Kid.” Charley is “Bill” but now he’s “Bill Blayden.” Interestingly, Charley mostly played “Steves” over the last five years. Now he’s “Bill” again, soon to be “Steve” forever.

This time it’s a gang robbing the stagecoach. Bill shows up and helps the gal that runs the stagecoach.

Funny bits: Durango throws a rock with a note through the window of the gal’s place, we hear breaking glass, and she runs out, happily clutching the rock “It’s a note from the Durango Kid!”

Some comedy with a farmhand trying to blow a pill down a tube into a horse’s mouth. “What’s the matter, pokey?” “He blew first!”

A semi-bad guy shows Durango a piece of paper that “proves your daddy was framed by Warner.” He’s shot and killed. Later, Durango shows the same paper to the Sheriff, “Why this proves that your father was framed by Warner.” Some piece of paper!!!

Nice idea of incorporating the singers (here, the Jesters) into the story. They quit the saloon after they figure out that the owner is a bad guy, and GO TO WORK for the gal who runs the stage coach. This way the songs are more part of the story, a little bit more…

Great bit where Durango keeps telling the bad guys that he’s coming to town at eight to kill them. He tells one who tells the gang, “He’s coming at eight.” He throws a knife with a note that says the same, and they read it outloud to the gang, “He’s coming at eight.” However, two scenes later, someone says “All this waiting is driving me crazy! If we only knew WHEN he was coming!”

Courtesy of Columbia Pictures