Here is a list of the Charles Starrett films I have yet to find:

Title Release Date
Junction City 1952
Kid from Amarillo 1951
Fort Savage Raiders 1951
Ridin’ the Outlaw Trail 1951
Raiders of Tomahawk Creek 1950
Across the Badlands 1950
Texas Dynamo 1950
Outcasts of Black Mesa 1950
Renegades of the Sage 1949
Horsemen of the Sierras 1949
Quick on the Trigger 1948
El Dorado Pass 1948
Frontier Gunlaw 1945
Rustlers of the Badlands 1945
Sagebrush Heroes 1945
Cowboy from Lonesome River 1944
Riding West 1944
Cowboy in the Clouds 1943
Hail to the Rangers 1943
Robin Hood of the Range 1943
Law of the Northwest 1943
Riding Through Nevada 1942
Overland to Deadwood 1942
Riders of the Northland 1942
Royal Mounted Patrol 1941
Prairie Stranger 1941
Thunder Over the Prairie 1941
Medico of Painted Springs 1941
Pinto Kid 1941
West of Abilene 1940
Two-Fisted Rangers 1939
North of the Yukon 1939
Texas Stampede 1939
Law of the Plains 1938
Call of the Rockies 1938
One Man Justice 1937
Trapped 1937
Westbound Mail 1937
Dodge City Trail 1936
Code of the Range 1936
Secret Patrol 1936
Mysterious Avenger 1936
Call It Luck 1934
Three on a Honeymoon 1934
The Age for Love 1931
Damaged Love 1931
The Quarterback 1926

Any help finding these would be greatly appreciated!!!

19 Responses to “Missing Titles”

  1. Hi,
    I’m a Sr. Cit., 87 Yrs. Young, who grew-up
    Working w/My Mother for 20th C. Fox. Because of MY
    Movies/Theatre background, I Sell Old(e) Movies on
    VHS (DVD, upon Request). I deal mainly w/rare, obs-
    cure, hard-to-find Foreign, ‘Black,’ Opera, Silents-
    1959 Films. My Clients are Film Students/Scholars/
    Srs., Libs., Authors, doing Research on W/wide Cin-
    ema, Film Archivists, etc.
    I’m trying to locate two (2) of Charlie’s Films, “Outcast of Black Mesa,” & “Thunder Over the
    Prairie,” for Authors.
    Can U possibly ‘Fwd.’ the above List, to My URL? Please. I’m relatively SURE, I’ll BE Able to
    come-up w/one (1), or two (2), from Your List. Ad-
    vise. RSVP.
    I truly look fwd. to hearing favorably from, &
    Working w/U, for a long time to come.
    I Met Chas. the first time, on the Set of,
    “Start Cheering,” as, I LOVED, Gertrude Niesen. HE
    WAS an Extremely ‘Nice’ Man. I’ve Spoken w/one (1)
    of His Family, in Athol, MASS.
    Stay Well, & Thanx for Your time re the above.
    Sidney P. Bloomberg
    735 Taylor St., #306
    San Francisco, CA 94108-3807


  2. harry brolly said

    I have noticed recently that Boyd Magers of the “lost and Missing” website no longer shows Lightning Guns and Ridin the Outlaw Trail as among the missing titles. Are these available anywhere??/

  3. Charles Jordan said

    Where can I obtain good quality DVD’s of Charles Starrett videos? I have quite a few but many are of poor quality.

  4. Pamela Kay said

    I,m looking for information on a movie horse that played in the 1966 remake of “Smoky” starring Fess Parker. One website said his real name was “Diamond Jet” and other said Smoky was from the Fat Jones Stables and his ownership was listed Fat Jones. Can you help me find out more about this horse? Who owned him and trained him where he’s from, anything.

  5. steve said

    I have just recently come across 1930`s 8×10 movie stills photo negatives . Marked C.P. corp. I am hoping to sell them to a Durango Kid fan .I can email a few examples.

  6. leon said

    I have a lot of old time movies a lot of war

  7. Charles Starrett a great friend and a great western star.Many of his films are “lost”,,can some one tell me where to locate a lot of them?

    • Anonymous said

      I’m in the same boat too.I have 46 of durango kid movies.he made 64.18 are missing.???

      #1 durango kid fan

      • Harry said

        Sony have released a few of the “Missing Titles” and are now freely available. Try Amazon or CD Universe for Lightning Guns & Hawk Of Wild River. There are other others listed which you may not have

      • Harry said

        Further to above – The Old Corral at B – keep a keen interest in missing titles and issue updates at regular intervals.

  8. Está muy buena esta página

  9. Cindy Wade said

    My dad played Marty Jones in the 1945 Charlie Strerrit movie Sagebrush Heros. I would love to find a copy of it somewhere as my 88 year old “Marty Jones” father has asked about it. Does anyone know where I can find it?

  10. Anonymous said

    I have Robin Hood of the plains. Please email at if you can give me any info thank you.

  11. Wayne Lackey said

    I collect Charles Starrett westerns. I have some but missing a large portion of his westerns. If you have any of his westerns on film or video please let me know. My e mail is

  12. Wayne Lackey said

    I sincerely hope someone discovers the “LOST”
    CHARLES STARRETT WESTERNS. They must be some where in vaults in the United States, stored in vaults or caves in Foreign Countries.
    There has to be a way to find them but probably would take a lot of time & money. I am 73 years old so time is not in my favor and money, well I get by but not enough to pursue a venture like finding the lost westerns of Charles Starrett who was my hero on the movie screen but also a very good friend of mine. Please contact me if you know of any at ..

  13. Brian Shaw said

    Great news on ‘lost’ Charles Starrett / Russell Hayden western Overland to Deadwood. This title is scheduled for broadcast on TCM UK next Thursday (May 17th) – unexpected but very welcome. TCM are also showing Riders of the Badlands with the same duo on Sunday May 13th & doing a repeat on Wednesday may 16th.

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