When once and future cowboy star Dick Foran tapped out of the Mummy series, another cowboy actor jumped in.  Dennis Moore was the star of numerous westerns including Land Of Hunted Men and Raiders Of Ghost City.

z dennis moore

And, of course, Lon Chaney Jr was already there.

z mummys-curse-throttle

Keeping score?

Mummy’s Hand – Dick Foran for the Win!

Mummy’s Tomb – LC JR is victorious!

Mummy’s Curse – Dennis Moore, onlooker.


Monogram made 20 Range Buster films between 1940 and 1943.  They featured a rotating cast of 3 ‘Busters’ which always included comic relief Max Therhune (and Elmer, his puppet) and often Ray Corrigan.  Denny Moore here is a replacement for the other almost-regular, John ‘Dusty’ King.

“Land of Hunted Men” is one of the last of this series.  It’s main value, at least to me, is as a great overview of the dramatic and emblematic locations at Ray Corrigan’s studio in Simi Valley, Corriganville.  Unfortunately, this print doesn’t do them justice, and any lousy screengrabs I could throw up would only be worse.

So.  Here’s a site has some great stuff on Corriganville.

Or you can visit it, like Briar and I did in 2008.  (And you can visit Elmer at The Autry.)


See ya ’round!


— 1944.  Boyd Magers has a nice write-up of Dennis Moore’s career over at Western Clippings.