ALERT:  Only for the deepest fans of the Durango Kid films!  Do not read if you are not hungry for every tidbit of knowledge regarding this series and its makers!


Ray Nazarro, pictured above during the writing of Desert Horseman, directed many a Western and many many of Charles Starrett’s Westerns.

He also started his career as a law clerk on the team providing defense for William Hickman in the Marion Parker kidnap and murder case of December of 1927.  He quit shortly after Hickman’s convicion.


With Adele Roberts on "Desert Horseman", Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

Ray Nazarro was always on my butt. He tried every way in the world to get me killed. It didn’t work, but he tried. He came up to about my navel. As much as he liked to put me down, I liked him, he was a good director. Ray didn’t particularly like women in the cast and he’d make them his whipping boy.”

— Jock Mahoney, as quoted in “The Adventures of The Durango Kid, starring Charles Starrett” by Bob Carman and Dan Scapperotti.