(formerly “Will”) Bill Elliott in CALLING HOMICIDE

December 8, 2016


There’s a neat homage in this film to Wild Bill Elliott’s long career as a cowboy star.  Lt. Andy Doyle visits a set.


CALLING HOMICIDE, the third of five films in Elliott’s last minute career as a homicide detective, has a lot more noir elements than the previous two.  The detective’s VO with some hard-boiled lines.  And visuals like these:


vlcsnap-2016-12-08-22h42m42s918vlcsnap-2016-12-08-21h58m58s460And…what about the mystery of the interesting set dressings?  Well, looks who is back!

That’s right, Mr. Joseph Kish!


…of CALLING HOMICIDE, but Lt. Andy Doyle will be BACK! in CHAIN OF EVIDENCE…


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