(formerly “Wild”) Bill Elliott in SUDDEN DANGER

December 7, 2016


Welcome back to this premiere Western site where we explore the careers of B-Western stars after they dismounted.  AND discuss the design of these later films sets!

Buckle up, hombres!


As we’ve discussed about the previous film in this series, DIAL RED ZERO, that film is full of bold choices in the art displayed on the walls.  Comparing the credits of the two films, we find that Art Director David Milton is still on board.  Missing from this second film is Set Decorator Joseph Kish.


Was the exciting work in the first film to be credited to Mr. Kish?  Let’s look at SUDDEN DANGER.


I’m voting for YES.  But we shall see, as Kish rejoins Milton in the last 3 installments of this film series, CALLING HOMICIDE, CHAIN OF EVIDENCE and FOOTSTEPS IN THE NIGHT.

Can you stand the suspense….???!


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