Good Day For A Hanging, 1959

August 4, 2016


I have many questions about this film. A little help?

Is this supposed to be the big reveal that Robert Vaughn is the actually the mastermind of the gang?  Is this supposed to be him?


Question #2:  Has there ever been a more annoying dub than that of little Midge?


Great bad guy death, though, head dangling though gallows built just for him.



4 Responses to “Good Day For A Hanging, 1959”

  1. harry brolly said

    Find it hard to accept Fred Macmurray in westerns.

  2. stevesomething said

    Harry, is it the Noir background or the subsequent TV show with him as the greatest dad?

  3. MikeD said

    That’s Bing Russell in #2

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