A Fiery Horse with the Speed of Light…

February 9, 2016


5 Responses to “A Fiery Horse with the Speed of Light…”

  1. Stephen O'Neil said

    The Lone Ranger….Clayton Moore who I believe did a couple of Durango Kid movies as a Villain while he was in a contract dispute with the Lone Ranger producers…also Jay Silverheels
    is in a Durango Kid in an uncredited role along with Clayton Moore….

  2. harry brolly said

    Clayton Moore played The Hawk in Hawk of Wild River before achieving fame as The Lone Ranger on TV. He was not the first (or the last) to portray the Masked Man but made the role his own. Friday nights at 5.00 pm was sacrosanct as we huddled before the TV to watch our hero with his faithful sidekick Tonto.

    Nice to have you back by the way.

  3. stevesomething said

    I added a link to the other Clayton / “Steve” collaborations to this post. I hope I got them all.

    Stephen, I believe Moore did a few Durangos, then became the Lone Ranger, THEN returned to the Durango series during a contract dispute. If I got that wrong, could someone please tell me…

    And, Harry, thanks for the howdy. Howdy back at you.

  4. harry brolly said

    There was a contract dispute and Clayton was replaced by John Hart in1952 . He returned for the final 2 series. Hawk of Wild River was shot in 1952 but I think this was his last DK appearance.

  5. tim2kirk said

    Thanks Harry!

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