Good Old Tom Tyler

January 16, 2014

A villain this time.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

— San Antonio, 1945


3 Responses to “Good Old Tom Tyler”

  1. JOHN R. said

    TOM TYLER was a great western series actor, made many features and serials. Was famous as the “bad guy” John Wayne finished off at the end of “STAGECOACH” and he was superb as the “big red cheese ” (as comkic book fans called…).. CAPTAIN MARVEL..his performance in this wonderful Repuiblic serial was a favortie of mine, and many many others.. Tyler died early in life at 51.. early in December of 1954 of a heart attack and suffered with cronic arthiritis. He had that voice that seemed muffeled , and deep, yet like no other actor..had and and you knew it was Tyler when the spoke no matter what kind of make up or costume .

  2. Tom Bannister said

    It’s a shame that Tom Tyler is largely forgotten. and that Hollywood abandoned him when he became so ill.

  3. If you like Tom Tyler’s movies I recommend signing a petition to get his surviving FBO silent B-western films digitalized and released on DVD:

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