Tim McCoy in “The Lion’s Den”

October 30, 2013


This is a “modern day Western,” by which I mean that it is set in the year that it was made, 1936.  A rich cattleman and his daughter are in the big city on business and they catch Tim Barton’s (McCoy) wild west nightclub act.


The gal falls for Tim, especially after he stops some hoods robbing Dad.  He signs on to help with some trouble back home in Texas but ends up masquerading  as Single-Shot Smith, a hired gun for Dad’s rival.


Lots of confusion but Tim’s heart is in the right place.  He has successfully infiltrated the enemy!  However, there’s a snake the grass and his name is Slim (Dick Curtis).


Some action-oriented shenanigans culminate in a unique showdown setting.  An auction.


How is the film?  Well, Tim’s cool but he’s always cool.  But he’s cool, so that’s that.



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