Coming Soon!

September 17, 2013


That’s right, a documentary on our favorite cowboy!

I’m excited to watch it and share the experience with you.  If you’ve already seen it, Anonymous Commenter, no spoilers, okay? (under breath) asshole…


4 Responses to “Coming Soon!”

  1. Anonymous said

    Pity it’s only to be shown in USA – would love to see it but unlikely it will transmitted in UK. Hope you enjoy.

  2. harry said

    Sorry didn’t leave name – don’t want to be confused with “another” anonymous!!

  3. Kelly said

    Hi everybody well for American on the board GETTV start showing Dunago Kid on Saturday afternoon

    Sadly to report this channel is widely available check your local listings

    • Ann said

      Buy a Leaf antenna, hook it up to a TV, and you can get GET TV and other stations for free – you just buy the antenna, and everything else is free – some stations also come in in HD. Beautiful picture. lots of Starrett films are shown. I think Cox Cable can also pull these stations in.

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