The Three Mesquiteers in “Prairie Pioneers”

May 26, 2013



You can’t tell here but in these intro cards each of these guys smile then *wink*!


The 3 return.  Always a different line up with these guys.  Glad to see our friend Bob Steele in the crew this time.

Wanna take a guess where they shot it?


And Bob Steele!


This feels like the Bob Steele from “With Davy Crockett at the Fall of the Alamo.” That was 1926.  This is 1941.

I know that “The Three Mesquiteers” series (like many b-western series of the time, including that of the Durango Kid) exists in radically different time-periods, film to film.  “Prairie Pioneers” exists in the Golden State during the transition from the Ranchos to the new settlers.  I have a good amount of respect for the specificity of the mythic California that these characters inhabit.  I’ll be revisiting this series soon, with whatever threesome is on the screen, in hopes of finding more set at this time.  But I sure hope Bob Steele is one of the 3.


Love that dude!



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