Rex Allen in “Frontier Doctor”

May 6, 2013


(No longer) singing cowboy Rex Allen stars in this 1958 TV series.  As Dr. Bill Baxter, Rex Allen puts away the vocal chops and picks up a doctor’s bag — using medicine to rid the West of all sorts of evil.


How?  Like this:

Wherever in the Southwest Desperadoes rode, Death rode with them.  Death with also epidemics of disease that scourged the area.  Sometimes Desperado and Epidemic rode together and Death triumphantly led the way.  For the sake of the community, one courageous man, who feared neither Desperado or Epidemic, challenged them both and the gaunt spectre that rode with them.  Rex Allen stars as THE FRONTIER DOCTOR!


Or this way:

In the Southwest, at the turn of the century, ruthless gangs of outlaws pillaged and robbed at will.  With utter contempt for the lives of all but their own, they terrorized everyone, sometimes entire communities.  Due to the quiet courage of a fearless man, the reign of terror of such a gang was ended.  Rex Allen stars as THE FRONTIER DOCTOR!


Sometimes like a cowboy hero.


But generally not.


The Arizona Cowboy deserved a better TV vehicle.  After this, Rex’s film and TV work was primarily as a narrator, often for Walt Disney.  Dude did have a great voice but I think he could have shone as an actor in some decent films.  He had a striking look which you can’t see in these lousy screen-grabs — check out this previous post about the man.


One Response to “Rex Allen in “Frontier Doctor””

  1. Madison said

    I love Frontier Doctor! It’s my favorite ‘fiction’ TV show, hands down. There’s a couple I’ve run into that weren’t great, but I’m really a great fan of the Frontier Doctor television show.

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