Lon Chaney Jr in “The Last Frontier”

April 27, 2013


For this 1932 RKO serial, Lon Chaney Jr has a secret identity.  In town, he’s the smiling if righteous newspaper editor.  On the plain, he’s The Black Ghost.  He wears all black and a little disguise.  And he has an over-the-top accent.


Like the Durango kid would a half-dozen years later, he has a make-shift hide-out for changing on the run.


The plot involves illegal guns, General Custer and stampeding cattle.  The Black Ghost must persist!


Chaney is as good as he is in most stuff.  He’s an adequate cowboy hero — can convincingly throw a punch, smile at girls and kids, and ride.  He looks appropriately corny and honest in his town-folk get-up.  He looks jaunty and mysterious as the Black Ghost.


I love a good serial.  This one is okay.  But it has it’s moments.


And Yakima’s in it somewhere.  (I couldn’t find him.) (No, I didn’t watch all 12 episodes, running time nearly 4 hours.)


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