Forrest Tucker in “F-Troop”

April 24, 2013

I’ve kicked up a bunch of dust in previous posts on the subject of ‘Forrest Tucker belongs to us!’  Fans of other genres may have a fair claim to the man, but I stand tall and resolute in my belief that his work as a character actor in Western films is beyond par.

The question remains: what do we do with F-Troop?


First billed, you know.

I couldn’t be bothered with this show as a kid.  It was low-brow even for an 11-year-old me.

Revisiting it, my opinion hasn’t changed that much.  I know there are people out there (including many of you, my dear readers) who really dig this show.  And I can see that.  Sometimes it feels like “Batman” and the better jokes are for the adults.  Sometimes the physical comedy is inspired.  And, fuck it, Bob Steele is in the thing!


So let’s focus on Forrest.  He is really good in this!  He’s spry!  He’s lively and light on his feet.  And he seems to be having fun.


The alternative reality is deadly.  Poor Tucker grinding through each episode with a pained expression, hating every pratfall, ever dopey turn by Ken Berry and Larry Storch (a genius!)  Instead he appears to be loving it.


Where’s his damn Emmy?!


3 Responses to “Forrest Tucker in “F-Troop””

  1. I was a big fan as a boy (not quite 11). I don’t know how well the show would hold up for me at 51. But that Melody Jane, oh…

  2. Greatest actor who ever lived, bar none. But I thought the show was terrific myself.

  3. Steve said

    F TROOP was a classic TV comedy then & it’s aged even better with time. One of the funniest comedies in TV history! If the show doesn’t make you laugh or at least smile throughout, then you have no sense of humor.

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