Wiliam S. Hart in “Keno Bates, Liar” 1915

April 11, 2013


I’m intrigued by Keno Bates.  Why is he a liar?

The set-up is the streamlined, made to scale Thos. H. Ince/ Wm. S. Hart narrative that I love.  Keno is a card player by profession.  He’s robbed by a sore loser.  The rest follows naturally.


From here on in, Keno follows an emerging Hart character arc – he sins to protect the innocent.  He lies to the sister about what sort of man her brother was, he lies and tells her that his own home belonged to the dead man — he’s Keno Bates, Liar!

He gives up drink, a fast woman and his gun belt.

He suffers and suffers.   He dies?


But no…



You get it.  Right?  Okay then.


I loves me some William S. Hart!


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