Buck Jones in “Black Aces”

March 20, 2013

ImageImageBuck Jones starred in 10 films in 1937 and he directed three.  Of the 160-odd films he appeared in during his career, these were the only films he directed.

For a guy who was directed by Frank Borzage and John Ford, his film-making style is much more Elmer Clifton.   The story is pure Poverty Row and the characters more than familiar.  He does manage some nice framing.

ImageImageAnd some arresting imagery.


ImageWith the budget and the schedule Buck was given, these are real accomplishments.  However, he never directed again.


One Response to “Buck Jones in “Black Aces””

  1. Anonymous said

    Buck Jones had his own production unit at Universal, as did Ken Maynard. The reason he was both the producer/director of Black Aces is that the original director Ray Taylor ordered the leading lady, Kay Linaker, to walk across the rickety suspension bridge on the Kern River instead of a stunt double. Linaker did the stunt but when Buck found out about it, he chewed out the director and took his credit away. I have this verified in a personal interview with Ms. Linaker.

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