Lash La Rue in “Law Of The Lash”

February 13, 2013


Here’s Lash La Rue.


Lash La Rue is his screen name.  His character’s name is Cheyenne Davis.  The picture is called…


You do the math.

And Here’s Fuzzy.


Behold Fuzzy and his threading the needle routine.  Move over Smiley Burnette.  Wait.  Smiley would have dragged this bit out to a tremendously tedious 3 minutes.

Ray Taylor directed a lot of B-Westerns and Jungle pictures.  The element in this film that stands out as unique from both of those genres is the close up.  Close ups are rare!


We’ve discussed Fuzzy before on this site.  Al St. John was also the side kick for Buster Crabbe and Robert Livingston, Stoney of Three Mesquiteers fame.

You know why they call him “Lash” (the actor, remember, not the character), don’tcha?  Cuz he (occasionally) uses a whip.


Lash ended his career getting his ass kicked a lot in “Alien Outlaws” (1985) alongside Sunset Carson in his final film role.



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