A Mystery!

April 1, 2012

John Robert writes:

I saw an early GUNSMOKE  episode  that in the credits at last lists— “A Cowboy”:–Charles Starrett…well, I have looked at this 3 times and I am wondering if they just  put this in as a salute to  :The Durango Kid”  who died in  1986 –he was not seen in that episode  in any scene.

Call to action, TEAM DURANGO!  Anyone have a clue to solve this mystery?


4 Responses to “A Mystery!”

  1. Guy MacMillin said

    Which “Gunsmoke” episode was this? Do you have the title or can you say which were the main creditred stars?

  2. John Robert said

    Wow–I don’t remember the program…..but it was on an episode that was on encore western TV channel last week–March 26-30th.–either a 1/2 show or one of the early b/w l-hour shows they are running -they run two 1/2 hour shows, then an hour show..all b/w..the best ones before color.each week day evening…..-without commercials..which makes it wonderful to watch..! Starrett was definitely notin that episodem but his name was listed in the closing credits as ….. A COWBOY. .The color episodes now running on TV-LAND in color are so stretched out with a plot to fill the hour, it is sometimes seems clogged with un-needed dialogue and filler stuff…!

  3. Anonymous said

    I always read the cast of movies and about 10 or 12 years ago I saw the name Charles Starrett Jr. So maybe that was Jr you saw instead of Sr. If so, you would not have recognized him. I do not remember the movie. I grew up watching all of the “B” westerns, which I loved.

  4. T.S. said

    Charles Starrett Jr. to my knowledge never acted, he retired back in 93 or 94 @ Edwards AFB, He was a Jet engine mech out there.. retired out of the eng shop as night shift super. I haven’t seen him in a few years, but when he retired he lived in Tehachapi, Ca he was a spittin’ image of his dad.

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