Other Cowboy Stars — Tim Holt in “The Yesterday Machine”

December 13, 2011

Lately, I’ve been watching some of the final films of my favorite b-western stars.  “The Yesterday Machine” is one of Tim Holt’s penultimate roles.  1963.  After this, there would only be a guest spot on “The Virginian” and a Herschell Gordon Lewis flick!!!

Holt plays Louisiana police detective Lt. Partane, a by-the-book public servant like the Naval Investigator that Holt plays in his previous film, “The Monster That Challenged The World.” But this hard-ass is folksier, and he has a big imagination.  With very little evidence to go on, he makes the connection between the disappearance of a local girl with the detritus of a strange-looking machine his patrol found in a German concentration camp.  These remaining elements of an evil Nazi plot lead him to decide that the whole thing involves time travel.  He relates the details of this bizarre moment of his military career in his drab office as if he were telling it for the thousandeth time, but without the baggage of one thousand incredulous reactions.  Perhaps he incites this incident during every investigation he oversees and just gets lucky this time.

Tim is heavy with Jackie Gleason eyes.  He affects a remarkably under-stated Louisianan accent for a boy born in Beverly Hills and raised, in part, near Fresno.

I’d be very interested to discover how Tim Holt found himself in “The Yesterday Machine” because this film has EVERYTHING!

A haunted house!

Confederate soldiers!

A skanky lounge singer!

A sexy time travel machine!

An evil Nazi Scientist!

An ancient Egyptian servant girl!

A physics lesson!

This goes on for nearly 10 minutes!

A leaf-camouflaged entrance to an underground Nazi lair!  Hey Scooby!

Yes, this film has everything AND a 44-year-old Tim Holt who goes pretty much ape-shit at the end of the film.

I’m gonna track down Tim Holt‘s final two appearances, so check back here soon, okay?


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