Other Cowboy Stars – Jack Holt in “Victory”

September 10, 2011

Jack Holt made dozens of rollicking Westerns.  This is not one of them.

In this 1919 adaptation of a Joseph Conrad short story, Holt plays a rich hermit living a strict life of isolation on a lonely island.  On a rare trip to a neighboring island, he befriends and rescues a troubled girl from a nasty suitor.

As a trio of mercenaries follow, Holt explains his philosophy to the girl.

In a “Straw Dogs” sort of twist, he ends up doing both.

“Jesus.  I got them all!”

It’s hard to see a lot of the son, and future cowboy star, Tim Holt in the father.

It’s also difficult to see the relevance of “Victory” to this discussion of Charles Starrett and his contemporary B-Western stars.  I post this with the sincere intention of tracking down and viewing more Jack Holt Westerns.   This film just MIGHT become more important at that point.



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