Other Cowboy Stars — John Wayne in “The Dawn Rider”

August 2, 2011

These Lone Star Productions starring John Wayne have a  lot in common.  The same cast, most of the same locations…but “Blue Steel” (1934) and “The Dawn Rider” (1935) share the same significant prop!

In BS, Wayne is on the trail of the “Polka Dot Bandit” and an important clue is a blue polka dot handkerchief.  When Wayne’s father is dying in “The Dawn Rider”, he reveals his assassin to his son, “the man who shot me wears a blue polka dot handkerchief.”

“Blue Steel”

“The Dawn Rider”.  Okay! Okay! It’s a different pattern, but it’s the same idea.

Another thing about “The Dawn Rider”: it features an awesome (and rare for the genre) tracking shot which may be the debut of (don’t quote me) Wayne trying out his soon-to-be trademark Yakima Canutt swagger.


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