Other Cowboy Stars — Tim Holt in “Thunder Mountain”

July 8, 2011

In the opening scene of this 1947 film, news arrives by telegram at the Four Aces saloon — Marvin Hayden is coming back to Grass Valley.  This causes quite a stir.  The evil bossman wants to stop him.  The Jorth boys want to kill him.

Tim Holt is the man of the hour.  One year later, he would play his most memorable role, as Curtin in “Treasure of the Sierra Madre”.

Here he is, a little less desperate, as Marvin Hayden.

But the real star of this film is Lone Pine, CA and the Alabama Hills that made it famous.  Even in this murky B&W print, the landscape is triumphant.

So many great films were shot in Lone Pine.

They have a great museum there.  And a great western film festival every October.

Oh, and back to “Thunder Mountain,” there is a kick-ass final shoot-out!


2 Responses to “Other Cowboy Stars — Tim Holt in “Thunder Mountain””

  1. Harry Brolly said

    Tim Holt was one of my favourite B- western stars, 2nd only to Durango. Don’t forget he played parts in Stagecoach and My Darling Clementine as well being cast by the great Orson Welles in the Great Ambersons

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