The Movie’s Most Colorful Western Star

October 24, 2010

This logo keeps popping up in the ads between the illustrations in Durango Kid comics books.

I just don’t get this one at all.  Not only did Charles Starrett never appear in a color film, but his whole bit is black and white.    When he’s The Durango Kid, everything is black — his hat, his shirt, his pants, his mask — everything except for Raider, his white horse.  When he’s Steve Something, he wears the white hat and rides Bullet, the black horse.

The whole thing about Durango/Steve is the black/white contrast.

“Colorful” suggests someone with a lot of flair or a sense of fun.  I can think of a lot more “colorful” western stars than Starrett. Tom Mix is more colorful.  Hoot Gibson is more colorful.  Most every cowboy star but Ken Maynard is more colorful in this way.

I know that colorful is sometimes a euphemism for flamboyant.  This doesn’t apply to the Charles Starret we see on screen, and his off-screen life seems pretty square-jawed as well.

So, regrettably, I must award the Sloganeers behind this logo a big FAIL!


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