The Birth of the Durango Kid

May 13, 2010

None of his 67 films give us any clues to the origin of the Durango Kid.  For that we have to turn to the comic books.  And they provide a pretty lame answer.

In “Charles Starrett as The Durango Kid”, no 17, June-July 1952, we learn that Steve Brand‘s brother Pete was killed by a spy during the Civil War.  Steve swears over his brother’s corpse that he will find and kill this man.

We catch up with him 3 years into the hunt.

By the end of the comic, Steve has brought the owlhootin’ murderer to justice.  Is that it for thuh Durango Kid?

I told you it was lame.  As origin stories go, it’s probably not the worst, but definitely one of the laziest!  The sheer randomness of the name coming from a signpost!  Yuck!

I do like “Muley” though.  Somebody else hated Smiley as much as I do.


One Response to “The Birth of the Durango Kid”

  1. Mike Newton said

    Interesting that you like the character of Muley, but not Smiley. Muley was the substitute for Smiley in the comics because apparently ME did not want to pay for the rights to use Smiley’s name or character. They would have had to pay him a fee. Anyway, Smiley had his own comic book at Fawcett.

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