Horror Western – “Billy The Kid vs. Dracula”

April 12, 2010

1966 was a big year for the horror western, and William Beaudine and Carl Hittleman were busy, creating “Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter” and this film.

The concept here is that a vampire, presumably Dracula (though never named) and played by John Carradine, is touring the West, riding in stage coaches at “night”, biting settlers and Indians, and looking for a cave!

Billy is taking a break from being Billy The Kid.  He’s working as a foreman for a ranch.  There’s some tension from the idea of his identity being discovered — but not much.

When Drac hears about an abandoned mine over in Corriganville…er, Billy’s ranch, the two are headed for a showdown.

There is so much wrong with this film that it’s hard to explain why it’s so fun!  Real cruddy day for night.  Terribly fluid set of rules: daylight is deadly to Dracula, but, if he’s in bat-form, the sun is a-okay.

But fun it is!  Mainly because Carradine is so great.  He looks dynamite, dressed head to toe in black (but Western black, you know, city-folk black) except for the red blush of ascot.

You can find this one over at archives.org, where the price is always right.  Check it out.


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