More Horror B-Westerns

April 5, 2010

"Vanishing Riders" with Bill Cody and Bill Cody Jr.

We’re not alone.  There is a conversation going on about this genre over at B-Movie Gothic Westerns – Poverty Row.

Here are some films in the Horror Western genre which I’ve been watching:

“Billy The Kid vs. Dracula” (1966) – fun

“Jesse James meets Frankenstein’s Daughter” (also 1966, what’s up with that?)

“Godmonster of Indian Flats” (1973) – must be seen

“The Burrowers” (2008) – no

“Desert Phantom” (1936)

“Phantom of the Range” (1936, another big year for ‘scares on mares’)

Anything I’m missing?


3 Responses to “More Horror B-Westerns”

  1. josh lawson said

    How about the 1944 Tex Ritter B “The Whispering Skull”?

  2. stevesomething said

    It seems that I WILL be checking that out!

  3. rhsmith said

    Yeah, I’m with you on “The Burrowers.” It doesn’t seem to know whether it wants to be Terence Malick or Neil Marshall and winds up being neither fish nor fowl.

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