June 17, 2009

A reader writes to inform me that Charles’ singing in 1938 “Start Cheering” was dubbed by one Robert Paige.

Robert Paige 2

This actor/singer started life as John Arthur Paige in Indianapolis in 1910, became David Carlyle for his early radio career, and spent the bulk of his film career as Robert Paige while at Columbia, Warner, Paramount and Universal.

Wikipedia has some great info on the fella, as does this entry at IMDB.

Thank you to Scott MacGillivray for the information.


5 Responses to “CHARLES SINGS!”

  1. Colorist said

    Sorry, fella, but that is Jon Hall, not Robert Paige!

  2. stevesomething said

    Thanks for the heads up, Colorist. I have replaced the picture with one of Robert Paige.

  3. gracie said

    Robert Paige was the frequent singing co-star of Jane Frazee, Charles’ leading lady in ‘Cowboy Canteen.’

  4. And my amazing Dad! Thanks for posting this!!!!! XO

  5. PAIGE said

    Colorist….JON HALL? The photo I see is Robert Paige with Louise Allbritton. Sorry. Unless there was some other picture there and it’s been replaced, you’re wrong, fella.

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