The Count Pauses at 115

December 12, 2008

1950’s “Frontier Outpost” is the last Charles Starrett film that I have been able to find.  In fact, it is the last of the 115 films currently available on DVD or VHS or any other format.   I know.  I’ve looked.

In the coming months, TCM has promised to add at least two more films to that library.

Never fear, dear reader, I will review them as soon as they air!


Courtesy of Columbia Pictures


One Response to “The Count Pauses at 115”

  1. mike newton said

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for TCM or the Western Channel to run anymore Durangos. I believe that the last Durango film to be found was a print in Australia back in the Nineties. “Streets of Ghost Town.” There were 65 or 66 Durangos made. Many from the early Fifties have never been recovered from their original release in theaters. I recall how surprised I was to find a video copy of Law of the Canyon in my local library. Obviously, the person doing the ordering was simply working from a list of choices. You usually find the big westerns of Wayne, Stewart, Mitchum etc. at a public library, but the old time Saturday movie cowboys get overlooked.

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