The Fate Of The Durango Kid

October 11, 2008

I’ve read a number of the original reviews of Starrett’s films, and it is clear that these films were not intended solely for a younger audience.  Many speak of “viewers old and young” and none consider them to be only kiddie fare.

However, due to the passage of time, the original audience members who remain among us are those who first experienced these films as children.  The memory of Charles Starrett’s films are, for the most part, kept alive by these primal viewers.

A number of questions are suggested by these facts:

Will The Kid have an encore?  Or is his fate linked forever to his very first fans?  To a modern audience, is the significance of these films lost forever?

Is there an audience for these films in the 21st Century?

And finally: viewed from the perspective of the 21st Century, what do these films mean?


One Response to “The Fate Of The Durango Kid”

  1. These reviewers you speak of who claim that Starrett’s films are for young and old alike were publicity hacks for Columbia. Granted, these films may have played in rural areas where the modern day cowboys came into town on Saturday night. They probably went to see the films just to have a good laugh at Hollywood’s treatment of cowboys, but it was either that or get drunk in some bar. Charles Starrett like many of his contemporaries was a product of a different, more innocent age. His films should be preserved to show film historians what people used to go see at the theater.

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