Desperately Seeking Starrett Titles

September 19, 2008

When I exhaust my current stash of Starrett titles, I will have seen 115 of his films.  That’s a lot.  But it still leaves 53 titles unseen.

If anyone has any information about the following titles, I would greatly appreciate it.  I hope to make this a comprehensive study.

Kid from Broken Gun 1952
Junction City 1952
Hawk of Wild River 1952
Kid from Amarillo 1951
Fort Savage Raiders 1951
Ridin’ the Outlaw Trail 1951
Lightning Guns 1950
Raiders of Tomahawk Creek 1950
Across the Badlands 1950
Texas Dynamo 1950
Outcasts of Black Mesa 1950
Renegades of the Sage 1949
Horsemen of the Sierras 1949
Quick on the Trigger 1948
El Dorado Pass 1948
Frontier Gunlaw 1945
Rustlers of the Badlands 1945
Sagebrush Heroes 1945
Cowboy from Lonesome River 1944
Riding West 1944
Cowboy in the Clouds 1943
Hail to the Rangers 1943
Robin Hood of the Range 1943
Law of the Northwest 1943
Riding Through Nevada 1942
Overland to Deadwood 1942
Riders of the Northland 1942
Royal Mounted Patrol 1941
Prairie Stranger 1941
Thunder Over the Prairie 1941
Medico of Painted Springs 1941
Pinto Kid 1941
West of Abilene 1940
Two-Fisted Rangers 1939
Spoilers of the Range 1939
North of the Yukon 1939
Texas Stampede 1939
West of the Santa Fe 1938
Colorado Trail 1938
Law of the Plains 1938
Call of the Rockies 1938
One Man Justice 1937
Trapped 1937
Westbound Mail 1937
Dodge City Trail 1936
Along Came Love 1936
Code of the Range 1936
Secret Patrol 1936
Mysterious Avenger 1936
Call It Luck 1934
Three on a Honeymoon 1934
The Age for Love 1931
Damaged Love 1931
The Quarterback 1926

4 Responses to “Desperately Seeking Starrett Titles”

  1. Nevada said

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  2. Mike Newton said

    Many of the Starrett titles have been lost to history, just like some of the Johnny Mack Brown Monogram films. At one time, in the late Fifties, a LA television station was going to run the Durangos and have Starrett come in and do wraparounds (openings and closings). Whether the money wasn’t right or Starrett didn’t want to make the long trip from Laguna Beach to L.A. is unclear. The Movie Channel ran a marathon of Durangos in the eighties. Many collectors were able to video tape these as they were uncut. Columbia has since released a couple of titles on video but it is doubtful that they were ever release the entire collection. The Durango Kid, unlike his Saturday matinee cohort the Batman is now only a memory in the minds of us aging Front Row Kids.

  3. Ashley said

    Hey just wondering if were able to get Riding West? My grandmother would really like to see it. Thanks

  4. ted shumaker said


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