Other Cowboy Stars – Buck Jones in “Just Pals”

September 11, 2008

Here’s another guy whose films I had never seen.  I may have picked the wrong one.  “Just Pals” (1920) is a western in the sense that “How Green Was My Valley” is a western (both films directed by John Ford!)

It’s a melodrama surrounding some missing money in a small town.   Bim (Buck Jones) is the local bum and he, with his little hobo kid sidekick, stop the outlaw gang and save the day.

I did get a sense of Buck Jone’s presence.  It’s strong.  He’s got a natural, easy athleticism — effortlessly hopping over a fence, shimming down a rope, fiddling with a lasso.  He looks cool in battered clothes, smoking a corn-pod pipe.

In the end, he does get to do some riding, and he’s good.  Some neat stunts on horse as well.  He looks natural with a gun in his hands.

I’m be back, Buck, I’ll be back.


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