L.A. Times Feature on “Touchdown”

September 6, 2008

The following appeared in the Nov. 15th, 1931 edition of the L.A. Times, page B13.


Former Dartmouth Back Awarded Role in Intimate Gridiron Tale

Charles Starrett, Dartmouth full-back in 1924 and 1925, is cast in one of the leading roles in “Touchdown”, a story humanizing the great American sport by revealing the intimate relationships of coaches and players, now at the Paramount Theater.

Coincidental to Starrett’s role in this picture is his football career.  Hurt as a freshman and recuperating during his sophomore year, the young actor first tried out for the Dartmouth varsity in his junior year.  His injured knee bothered him, however, and he was unable to make his letter.  In 1925, Starrett made a name for himself playing the first three games.  During the live-dummy tackle practice one day he dived for his man, missed him and sustained a badly cut eye and a broken nose.  Courage and pride in his position as a member of the team urged him on to continue in the game only to suffer further injuries.

After the game his coach realized the mistake in having let Starrett play.  “I’ll never take a chance like that again,” he told Starrett.

In “Touchdown” just such a situation develops when Richard Arlen, as coach, is faced with the decision of sending an injured player onto the field or keeping him off and chancing the loss of the big game.  The climax and his decision revolve around the fact that he has in his hands the life of a young college student and risks losing his fiance, who misunderstands his motive.

Well!  I will let you know what happens, tomorrow, when I view this film.


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