Autry Museum Collection

July 20, 2008

The Autry National Center of the American West is located across from the LA Zoo in Griffith Park. In their Imagination Gallery, they have a collection of memorabilia from various movie cowboys.

In one display case they have Tom Mix, Buck Jones, Ken Maynard and Tim McCoy.

In the next case, we find Hoot Gibson, Johnny “Mack” Brown, Russell Hayden, Bill Elliot, the Hoxie Brothers…and Charles Starrett.

Charles’ collection consists of his hat, boots, holster and pair of revolvers, a belt, and a white scarf.

Of interest, the on-line catalog lists the scarf as having been donated by Mary A. Starrett and the remarks are such:

“White silk chiffon scarf, mid- to late 1900s.
Triangular shape with hemmed edges.
According to donor, scarf was made from material that was once part of a Rita Hayworth dinner dress.”

I had always thought that the “Story Of The Scarf” involved the black scarf that Starrett wore as the Durango Kid.  A reader or two has confirmed that the scarf in question was the white scarf that Starrett wore pre-Durango.

Completing the collection are two neat items. One is Charles’ gold SAG card. This is his Screen Actors Guild membership card and it is made of gold. Charles was one of the founding members of SAG. I’ve never seen a real gold card before.

Last is a leather script binder, with his name and the images of a horse and a cactus embossed on the front.

The Autry is a beautifully laid-out and smoothly run museum which is worth a visit.


3 Responses to “Autry Museum Collection”

  1. bobby said

    It was never the black scarf from Rita. It was always the white scarf – the one Starrett wore when he first started amking westerns – his pre-durangos.

  2. David starrett. The grandson. said

    If I remember correctly you should be a holster in the colt 45 pro handled revolver on display as well it was the girl that used to it all the movies

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